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About Steve

People call me JoeyFast because they claim that I look like a Joey and that I am always running around getting things done Fast.  There's only one thing I don't do fast and that's sex.  I mentioned that because someone always has to make a wise crack about it.
I own a computer company that serves the New York Metro Area.
I used to run gay parties in Westchester to give the gay community places to go and have fun.
I used to run an Auto Driver publication in Westchester County.

Besides being an entrepreneur, I love to have fun by keeping busy and
spending lots of time with my friends.

I am 100% Italian

My Best friends and I
I Love Music especially popular music, like the music played on WKTU.
I like Amusement parks, beaches, movies, going to the zoo, playing pool, bowling, running around the park with my friends and lots of other things.
I love having some quiet time with a boyfriend , but I make sure I have time for my friends too.
I also have an interest in cars.  My favorite cars are the Nissan 300ZX and Nissan 350 ZX
  My Personal Goals:

I would love to get involved with realestate next and expand my business's so I could retire in the next five years.

More about me:

I hate stupidity such as unnecessary road construction, or anything that is not done in an organized and quick manner.

I love having friends that treat me nice, friends of that stature  that are difficult to find. 

I enjoy meeting new people so we can spend time getting to know each other and help one another out with life's everyday obstacles. Together we can help each other achieve our goals.

I have learned that in life, people always have a reason for doing something.  When someone does something that I don't like, I try to figure out why they did it and understand where they are coming from.  Then I try to find a solution.

Most of All I Hate DRUGS and think that they can destroy a person's goals.  They are a waste of time, a waste of money and cause medical problems.  I believe in having a good time on my own without the use of drugs.  I enjoy a natural high from just having fun with friends.